02.20.07 Bud's Story, Chapters 11 to 16, The Rewrite. Why not start in the middle...

Bored and unable to accomplish anything necessary I began to re-write something I never should have written in the first place. I had many other things I should have been doing and was told as much by my business partner, Allison. “You better start working on our taxes!” and also “When are you going to move the books out of the warehouse and into the new storage unit.” Two weeks later, neither of these things are done, and despite the advice of my family and friends, I’m thinking of rewriting other chapters. After I take a nap.

Among the changes are the font, colors and format on the Bud's Story webpage. It will have a younger and hipper look - Imagine a middle aged balding man in a candy red convertible. I will also make a few spelling and capitalization changes, but not too many. Because of pressure from an unnamed advocacy group (Allison) I’ve eliminated the character Snoopy, The Curious Midget Dog. Also for legal reasons my lawyer advised me to change Tina Brown’s name to a fictitious name. To which I acquiesced and changed her name to the fictitious name of Tina Brown (chosen randomly from the thirteen listed Tina Browns in our local phone book). I have also rewritten large portions of the text, actually, almost everything, to demonstrate the skill and insight I’ve gained over the passage of several years, several more trips to the ER, plus a few minutes of self-reflection. Enjoy.