Carpentry and Design

New postcard for the WJ Gallery. I am also working on a series of five legged furniture. A desk, Coffee and End Table. They combine a parametric curve (B-Spline) with traditional Mission (except for that extra leg thing) design. I hope to have the furniture completed near the end of the year and I’m working on locations for two upcoming shows, of vessels and furniture.


Furniture in progress for the William and Joseph Gallery in Santa Fe to be delivered in Mid/Late May. Since I’m ahead of schedule I feel compelled to take a week off…

Is it indicative of a boring life when one attempts to create excitement through procrastination?

Bored and Content

Pieces of a puzzle with clamp graveyard in the background.
Engraved wood covered with molding paste tinted with India ink and black carbon pigment.
Sanded engraved table tops and childhood fishing tackle box.
Doll hole drilling.
More clamping.
Adding the superfluous leg.
Waiting for four more coats of polyurethane.
Still Waiting.



I’m currently designing and building four different presentation tables. The smaller tables will have a 15” x 15” oak tabletop engraved with script. “Look” will have one lower shelve and “See” will have two lower shelves, the edition number will also be engraved on the surface. These tables have six legs and dental work, similar to the end table below, but are taller and include a framed signed edition photo print/ watercolor of the story behind each piece of furniture. For example, I am currently working on a five legged desk with stability issues (Sure I could have given it six legs or even four, but I’m working to my eventual goal of making an off center one legged desk that doesn’t fall over). The tale I shall weave will be about the struggle of stability, on many levels… The tables will be available at the William and Joseph Gallery in Santa Fe.

Six Legged End Table

24” x 16” x 21” high
1.25” Oak table top
Oak legs
Walnut dental work

Matching Six Legged Coffee Table
(Not shown)
24” x 46” x 15” high